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Family Literacy

What is Family Literacy?


readme   Family Literacy is about learning together. When considering how you can

    best help your child succeed, remember that you, your home and your community are

    the true drivers of your child's education.  Or, as the National Center for Family

    Literacy reminds us,

"Literacy is at the root of a person’s ability to succeed,

and the family is at the heart"


The path to literacy begins long before a child enters school.  By engaging your child with story, song, rhyme, imagery and conversation, you help lay the foundation for reading success.   Sharing special times with books at home or in the library is a wonderfully rewarding experience that helps to strengthen the bond between you and foster the love of language, literature and the arts.

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The Youth Services Team invites you to browse our Family Literacy Guide listed below, and explore the many ways we can support your family on your journey to becoming lifelong readers and learners! Start by clicking on one of the buttons below: